(Transdermal Testosterone)

Axiron is a transdermal testosterone product released by Lilly in the fall of 2010 and is rapidly becoming one of the more commonly prescribed testosterones on the U.S. market. As a transdermal testosterone (applied to and absorbed by the skin), Axiron is very similar to AndroGel and Testim or even AndroDerm, the testosterone patch. The primary difference, or at least the most obvious is the point of application. Axiron is applied to the underarms with a roll-on deodorant type applicator, hence the name Axiron (Axilla – underarm). Despite a different point of application, the principle behind the compound is the same as other transdermal forms; apply to the skin and let it absorb doing away with the need for injections. Unfortunately, this highly touted compound comes with a few problems, most notably and importantly it’s effectiveness.

Functions & Traits:

Axiron is a crystalline hydroalcoholic transdermal (topical) testosterone gel that is applied directly to the underarms of a hypogonadal (low testosterone) male. The compound contains a synthetic form of the primary male androgen testosterone. Although synthetic in nature, Axiron testosterone is identical to the testosterone naturally made by the human body. Molecule for molecule, carbon for carbon, there is no difference. The only reason an individual would use Axiron is because his body no longer has the ability to produce enough testosterone on its own.

Axiron is provided in a pump that contains 2% testosterone. Once applied, the compound is designed to peak testosterone levels within a few hours while maintaining a steady release for approximately 24 hours. 1 pump of Axiron will provide 30mg of testosterone with a very small percentage of the testosterone being absorbed. What is not absorbed will simply dissipate. While convenient to use, Axiron’s poor absorption rating leaves it often lacking; it lacks far below traditional transdermals, which are often too rather weak. Studies have shown, the average testosterone level after 120 days of Axiron use to be 400-500 ng/dl, which is far below the optimal range. The individual may very well increase his testosterone levels with this product, but if suffering from low level symptoms full symptomatic relief is highly unlikely.

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